Protective Behaviours

My journey with Protective Behaviours began in 1997 when I did my first training at the Central Queensland University. By 1999 my family and I had moved to Darwin where I quickly championed the cause in the Northern Territory (NT). In the early 2000’s I represented the Northern Territory as a Board member of Protective Behaviours Australia. Delivering trainings with Di Margetts and later with Andrea Van Der Werf I did my best to raise awareness and educate communities about keeping kids safe. By 2006 I was the Regional Program Manager for The Smith Family in the NT and no longer had capacity to deliver PB trainings. Establishing my own consultancy in 2008 I delivered some PB trainings in 2009, and again found myself drifting away from frontline training.

Fast forward to 2016 and here I am back on the national board and President of Protective Behaviours Northern Territory. I’d like to give a huge thanks to Libby Andrew who carried the torch for PBs in the NT in my absence. And an enormous thanks to PB NT member Holly-Ann Martin from Safe4Kids who continues to work internationally as well as in remote NT delivering child protection education programs. Di Margetts, international PB elder remains a firm friend, confidante and mentor. Without Di I may well not have returned to the formal protective behaviours community. This video was created in collaboration with Di and I dedicate this to her.

As a member of PBA and admin for our Facebook page, I recently shared this image, with an intention of reaching 10,000 within a week. Bold I know, and way beyond anything else I have ever expected on Facebook. But guess what? Within 36 hours this post reached 10,133 people and was shared 90 times. Within 48 hours it has reached 11,841 people and been shared 107 times. This is the power of social media and I’m here to help harness it to get this message out to parents, caregivers, caseworkers, grandparents, aunties, uncles and siblings. If this post helps more people ask better questions that help keep kids safe, then we have all contributed to helping make their world a better place.

We all have the right to feel safe at all times

If you are interested in Protective Behaviours for you and your staff or want to know more about how to implement Protective Behaviours for children or Protective Practices for grown ups then hit the big pink button in the right hand corner and contact me now.

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