How to use Hashtags on Twitter

Hashtags have been around for as long as Twitter has existed and while other platforms such as Instagram loved their hashtags from the get go, Facebook is still slow on the uptake. One of the challenges around this is that while more and more platforms introduce the use of hashtags, you as the user need to be really clear about your purpose and usage of the hashtag on each platform. (more…)

My 5 Top Twitter Tips Cheat Sheet

Twitter has fast become known as the most current news channel accessible to everyone and anyone. Simple do’s and don’ts of Twitter aren’t rocket science, they just require focus, clarity and intelligence.

#1 Be clear about your Purpose – why are you on Twitter?


5 easy steps to share a Dropbox folder

Dropbox is one of my go to cloud filing systems. I love that I can access my files from any device and not be restricted with storage as I’ve got the pro account. I know google drive is great too, but it doesn’t seem to hold formatting for me as well as Dropbox. Plus I find it easier to use to (more…)

Tips on deciding which social media platforms best suit your business

There are thousands of social media platforms available now, and deciding on which one is best for you isn’t always clean cut and can in fact be overwhelming. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube and Empire Avenue are just a few of the big players that I use, but they may not all be beneficial to you. So here’s a few tips (more…)

Social and Savvy Think Tank eCourse 2014

As part of launching my 2014 online personal and professional development programs, I’ve put together a 6 week program to help my clients understand how to navigate their social networks.  Understanding the top 7 can be tough let alone the millions of others out there now. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram are all very different platforms each with their own potential to make or break your business.

In this eCourse, we’re going to use a think tank approach to share tips and techniques including testing Google+ Hangouts on Air via Youtube. Classes will be kept small to maximise learning and sharing and at this stage, are by invite or referral only.

My plan is for us to work through the framework of my A.I.I.R: model:

  1. Assess the current situation
  2. Identify solutions and timeframe to measure success
  3. Implement your action plan
  4. Review in an agreed timeframe and re-assess completing these 4 steps again.

Within the members only group, my clients will tap into each other’s creativity, inspiration and motivation. That way everyone has the opportunity to strategically grow their business with focused effort and ease.

As well as up-skilling and boosting their business, this Course will help my clients expand their networks. An opportunity to buddy up will be provided as will learning how to discover more about customer/clients buying trends.

Let’s face it, if you’re in business you know what it’s like to feel swamped and not know how to get your business to achieve the success you dream of. Everyone needs a little help now and then. That’s why I’ve created this eCourse.  I sent one email about this to 24 people and was positively astonished by the response rate.  Helping my clients unlock  hidden potential in their business and watching them achieve beyond belief is something I love to do!

Footnote: Occasionally I’ll share some of our group insights here, and of course if you would like to know more or have me add you to the April waiting list for the next class, just let me know so I can send you an invite ok? As I said before, I am deliberately keeping class numbers low so I can ensure everyone gets to maximise our time together and the only way to sign up for “Social Savvy Think Tank 101” is by invite or referral.

In closing, I leave you with a few famous words from Sir Winston Churchill:

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts”

Have you got the courage to continue to stoke the fire in your belly and turn your ideas into action?