Authentic Leadership

Leadership development has been high on my agenda for a very long time. I have worked with large Not For Profits such as Red Cross Australia, Good Beginnings Australia, YMCA Top End and Save The Children to provide strategic leadership development training. So when I was approached by Liquid Learning, an international organisation that focuses on leadership development opportunities for professionals to facilitate a significant workshop on their behalf, I was eager to know more. The conference was to be their first Women in Leadership conference in Darwin NT Australia and I was invited to facilitate “Developing and Promoting your Authentic Leadership Identity for Enhanced Effectiveness”. While it wasn’t my topic title or program outline, the expectations of the workshop were aligned with my beliefs and capacity to deliver, and I had the autonomy to bring my own style into the process. So I said yes.

Participants included senior bureaucrats and decision makers and from their feedback, most of them had the most extraordinary experience. Opening up this leadership workshop with an invitation to rewrite the agenda, clarify expectations and initiate heart centred conversations led to astonishing outcomes. Good leaders know that building relationships is the cornerstone to great outcomes. And that’s what I focus on. Helping leaders get really clear about what is possible, achievable and worth working for spoke to the heart of what mattered most in this leadership workshop.

By the end of the workshop every participant had an action plan to carry them forward, together with an accountability buddy system in place. Many moments of truth were shared throughout the day and the feedback I got post workshop was phenomenal. Here’s a snippet from each participant:

  • Very open minded and easy going workshop. Highly recommend this in the future.
  • An honour to experience and share such positive energy. Thank you for your insight and constructive advice.
  • Bronwyn has a very different way of delivery.
  • By far the best and most practical workshop I have been to in my career! Exceptional and gifted presenter who knows how to keep concepts real.
  • Bronwyn was fantastic and was able to engage me for the entire workshop. Just wonderful; I enjoyed the experience.
  • Amazing – wonderful – want more!
  • Amazing women! Great content and excellent presentation style.
  • Energising electric presentation. Engaging on all levels of one’s self. Best session all week
  • Quite a different delivery style than I normally like but was fantastic brought me out of my comfort zone.
  • Best engagement ever! “Pushed” into thinking about me and that’s a good thing. Great mix of age, experience, values and vices. BC is Dynamite
  • Phenomenal. Thank you so much!
  • Great subject knowledge and so passionate about helping others to overcome the hurdles they face professionally and personally.

This was by far one of the most powerful workshops I have facilitated in the last 15 years. Working with such emotionally mature and willing participants was what made it so successful. The level of engagement was huge. And judging by the feedback and response rate 8 weeks later I can’t help but feel there is a desperate need for more of this work. Now I know I’m not for everyone, and nor am I meant to be. However if your organisation is in need of support for staff to achieve this kind of engagement and to strive for greater results, hit the big pink button in the bottom right corner and email me now.

Global Women networking for change

Meeting Sharon Snir at the July 2011 Global Women’s Summit in Perth WA hosted by The WIN (Women’s Information Network) was a gift from heaven. We had an instant connection and vowed to stay in touch beyond the Summit.

(Sharon is in the second row from the back, third on the left and in between my gorgeous girlfriends Kathleen Irwin second on the left )

Our shared love of networking with women together with Sharon being a radio show host and my teenage dream of (more…)

My TEDxDarwin story

If someone had told me 30 years ago that I would have the opportunity to speak at an internationally acclaimed event such as TEDx I would never have believed them. My confidence was pretty ordinary back then so it would have taken a team of wild horses and more to pull me kicking and screaming before I would have taken to a world class stage.

A word of caution, this is the longest blog you will ever read by me! So now’s the time to grab a cuppa, and kick back. Let me know what this means to you at the end will you?

The way the whole thing came about is an hilarious story within itself. Entertain me as I walk you through the lead up to TEDxDarwin Blood, Sweat and Ideas August 2011 event. 

I met Caryn Schoolmeester at a business workshop in April 2011 and we swapped business cards, as you do.  She had mentioned that her partner had gifted her a blog for Christmas and I was intrigued – what kind of bloke does that?


TEDxDarwin Blood, Sweat & Ideas

Bronwyn Clee introducing The World Confidence Bank at TEDxDarwin

Bronwyn Clee introducing The World Confidence Bank at TEDxDarwin

On Saturday 6 August 2011, my life changed forever! That day will remain indelibly stamped on my brain as the first day that I entered the ‘big ring’! Having spoken in public for quite a while now, I had no idea what to expect when I self nominated to speak at this exciting and inaugral event hosted in my beloved Darwin NT Australia. Yep that’s right, held here in my heart home and almost on my doorstep!

It’s hard to believe I only met the amazing Jason Schoolmeester in April this year. Little did I know, as I set out on this journey back in April that I was about to enter another Whole New World Order. Now that the first TEDxDarwin event has been and gone, I realise that I seriously underestimated


Perth Global Women's Summit & World Confidence Bank

This Summit was one of the most inspiring events I have ever been to – and let me say, oh boy, I’ve been to a few! A small gathering of women from my a myriad of cultures came together to discuss “how to strengthen women and families worldwide”. The Key Note Speaker who is on a mission to unite women across our global planet to have a voice. Paula created The Women’s Information Network as her platform and along with her team will be visiting 14 countries during 2011 presenting Global Women’s Summits.

Bronwyn Clee introducing The World Confidence Bank

Bronwyn Clee introducing The World Confidence Bank “Confidence is a commodity as solid as gold!”  

Along with three other women, I had the great honour of being invited to be a speaker at the only Australian event in WA. The GWS theme “Enlighten women’s minds, empower women’s hearts… for a better world” was an easy topic for me to weave a presentation around. I have known for a wee while that knowledge is power… However, I believe knowledge without confidence