Expanding Times Podcast

I recently had the joy of being interviewed by Sandhan of Expanding Times on one of my favourite topics – intuition.  I am over the moon at the synchronicity of the opportunity as I’m gearing up to launch my online program “Interpreting Intuition”. So grab a cup of coffee and set aside a bit of time to listen and let me know what you think.

Listening to my intuition

The more I walk my talk and talk my walk, the more strengthened I become. Being conscious and present in each moment remains a daily challenge! To stay on top my days now generally start with a simple meditation and/or a round of EFT followed by a soothing cup of tea of some sort. And depending on the day, after breakfast I might get down to some serious writing, blogging, networking or whatever else manages to grab my attention in between paid work. This morning I made a pot of chai with some added goodies and was so impressed with myself I thought I should make another one. Immediately I sensed my Monday moment of drifting.

You see my now Monday is like my old Sunday… Sundays now are busy which is different to when I was working fulltime. And my Mondays now are declared no go zones for anything I don’t want to do. So yesterday Toni and I rode our bikes to the gym and back for a body balance class. On the way home we realised we both wanted to go to the ABC Gardening extravaganza at the Botanical Gardens.  Riding along, we quickly agreed that I would pick her up in 20 minutes and we’d drive in to the expo together.

With my intuition on board, I showered and changed from hand bag to back pack and got ready to pick up Toni. I grabbed the essentials – water bottle, hat, wallet, mobile phone, tissues and lipstick, and as an afterthought, threw  my business cards in my backpack. I momentarily wondered why I would want to grab my cards, and just as quickly let that question float away… And I’m glad that I did both!

The Gardening show is always impressive! The colours and scents that greeted us on entry set the scene for a lovely lazy afternoon. Just being in the energy of such grace and beauty is uplifting and feeds my soul. As we strolled around I noticed a bloke that I had been encouraged to make contact with via a colleague in relation to expanding my business networks. I had previously attempted to make contact with said bloke and knew he was pretty difficult to ‘catch’. So after walking passed him, I told Toni that I had to catch up with someone and quickly turned around and caught his attention. Bold as brass, in my kick back casuals, I politely introduced myself and asked if I could have 2 minutes of his time.

He graciously smiled and obliged. His wife and daughter seemed to be used to this type of thing and slowly ambled away from us. Talk about seize the moment! Within 2 minutes I had introduced myself and given him my business card with the suggestion that I had some ideas to share with his Association and would love to catch up. He kindly took my card and told me he would make contact with me the next day.  Away went the business cards and they never came out again until I got home. We continued on our merry way and had a delightful time wandering around for a couple of hours, finishing the day lazing on a blanket with the ‘Hippy Chai Mob’ and had the very best chai ever! I even conceded and told them as a chai lover of over 20 years, theirs was the best I had ever experienced… After I had managed to wangle the recipe we decided to make tracks and head home.

Finishing the afternoon with a chakra balance and a nap set me in good stead for jumping online and continuing to go with the energy of the day ~ seize the moment. Intuitively I started sending personal invites to a heap of LinkedIn members connected to a World Class Presenter I know  (see www.linkedin.com ) and was astonished today to read the list of replies and extended offers to connect and network beyond the generic email.

As of last count, I have increased my network base by about 40 people, have 3 acceptances to interview best selling authors, 2 leads for co~creating and a whole host of other interesting opportunities in the pipeline. And, to cap it all off, the bloke I gave my business card to yesterday not only rang me and arranged to catch up for a chat, but has invited me to speak to his Association which has a membership of over 500 people! Now what is not to love about following intuition? I love Dr. Seuss and feel like I have landed in the midst of one of his colourful stories… and can almost hearing him saying “Oh the Places We Will Go When We Stay in the Flow!”….