Gratitude punches above its weight in the workplace

The best work environments I’ve ever worked in are those where I felt valued, appreciated and acknowledged. And guess what? Feeling valued, appreciated and acknowledged drove my performance through the roof.

I loved the natural high of going above and beyond the call of duty, simply because I could and the rewards were pretty darn phenomenal – on every level.

People who don’t feel good about themselves struggle to accept praise. But do you know what? Those same people blossom and grow when they experience authentic appreciation.

“Gratitude is an attitude, not a platitude”

Janelle Sigley CEO The Gratitude Foundation

I’ve often wondered what would happen if managers at every level were taught how to grow an attitude of gratitude as a workplace expectation and to therefore educate staff on how to not just know it, but grow it.  I came across this Forbes article awhile back and was impressed.  What do you think? Are you in a position where you are responsible for staff?  Are you a Gratitude Grower? We’d love you to join us and share your gratitude insights and experiences in our Facebook community. We’re launching our #GratefulInApril2014 campaign where we are aiming to gratefully infect everyone we come into contact with!




Get a grip on gratitude

When was the last time you gave yourself permission to be grateful for your first world problems? In countries like Australia, the UK and US, we can easily fall in to finding fault and laying blame for things that are often in our control let alone stuff that’s out of our control. Yes, that’s right, I said, we can find fault and lay blame for things (more…)

2013 Grateful highlights

Expressing gratitude is something that comes relatively natural to me most days. What I have learned to appreciate in my 50th year on the planet, is that having happy grateful thoughts isn’t enough. For me to truly deepen my gratitude practices, I’ve had to pay more attention to the tone of my internal dialogue, particularly in amongst chaos. That’s what has become my litmus test to measure my attitude of gratitude.

Helping my parents move out of their family home in Yeppoon and relocate to a lovely little ground level duplex.

Going across states to my sister’s Masters in Research graduation ceremony.

Watching our granddaughter take her first steps. 

Sharing time with my parents in Darwin and supporting them to transition into the next phase of their lives.

Meeting Dr Kerry Howells – author of Gratitude in Education and learning more about how to deepen my attitude of gratitude. 

Giving myself permission to go away on a self imposed silent retreat

Turning 50 and celebrating with family.

Losing some friendships and gaining deeper connections with others. 

Helping clients achieve their goals and exceed expectations. 

Having confronting conversations and strengthening family ties.

This year has been epic! Jam packed with major life challenges, I thought going to Bali mid year for a break was a landmark trip. It was the first time on my own and I loved it, but little did I know I was about to take another trek back up “Fear Mountain” in October and November to face some of my worst professional fears to date. Mantras I teach clients became my own: “What other people think about you is their business. What you think about you is your business”; “People who feel good about themselves do not behave badly” and “This too will pass”. I’d like to think I moved through those few months relatively gratefully, maintaining my dignity and self respect. And you’ll never guess what the bonus was! It motivated me to focus on what I have effectively avoided doing for 3 years, and that’s launching my online programs. So, like I’ve said before, when my back’s against the wall, the best comes out in me. And I know how to convert sh*t into fertiliser! 

Wishing you all the very best for 2013 New Year celebrations and look forward to sharing time and space with you in 2014!

Are you using this powerful weapon in your workplace?

The evidence is in on the power of gratitude on a personal level, however workplaces could learn a lot from understanding the implications of not adopting an attitude of gratitude. This Forbes published article captures some interesting data such as in when studying qualities that attract us to others, smiles and charisma aren’t anywhere near as powerful as the magnetic trait of gratitude. Who’d have thought that huh? And in the workplace: “When managers employees know that company leaders value gratitude, those who serve customers on the front line show appreciation more readily. And we know that customers who feel appreciated won’t hesitate to return”.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this – either here or over on our Gratitude Growers Facebook page.