The power of permission

I read a blog recently about writing 500 words a day and the power of it. The blog identified all of the things the writer did before she sat down to write the article and I completely resonated with it. It wasn’t the usual setting up the space stuff, in fact, it was the opposite. And it motivated me to get my butt into gear. After avoiding writing blogs and course work for years, I decided to give myself permission to set myself a 30 day writing challenge on 1st August and here’s what Day One looked like:

Today is the first day of my Write 500 word Challenge. Before I start though, I better mop the floors (even though we have a cleaner), take out the rubbish (even though my husbo does that daily), dust cupboards (stealing more work from our cleaner) and clean the toilet. None of which HAD to be done  but yep, you guessed it, I was in the zone of the blogger who had inspired me. Distracting and Avoiding 101. However I am aware and committed. I know the struggle is real for so many of us. I also know these behaviours are directly linked to A V O I D A N C E. And underneath avoidance is fear of  (more…)

Caffeine shots of Ideas to get you back on track!

Ideas require action to become a reality. Bronwyn Clee

Ideas require action to become a reality. Bronwyn Clee

I’m full of them and I bet you are too. One of the worst things we can do in life is ignore what we know we need to do. And what we need to do, generally germinates from an idea. Another really crazy thing we can get caught up in is asking the wrong people what they think of our idea! Having confidence in turning ideas into action doesn’t always guarantee success. But do you know what it does do? It gets us out of inertia, into action and playing with possibility again.

So, if you’re stuck and need an expresso shot of ideas to get you back on track, email me now and if I can’t give you 3 brilliant ideas for you to refocus your time, talent and money, I’ll give you your money back! No questions asked.

Confidence is currency

Confidence is a commodity to trade.

Confidence is a commodity to trade.

Do you ever have those days when you doubt yourself and question what on earth you are doing and why you’re doing it? I’ve had a few of them lately and while they’re great for reflection, they can really impact on my mood. Plus I don’t particularly enjoy too many dark days in a row. So imagine my surprise when I opened (more…)

Top 10 Tips for Practicing the Art of Self Care

Attending to self care is mandatory for us to live healthy and balanced lives. In the lead up to the shut down of 2013 I offer you my top tips for practicing the art of self care and growing your confidence:

  1. Observe your thoughts. My old swami used to say “Observe and don’t participate in the busyness of the mind”
  2. Slow down your thoughts – if you feel your mind racing, heart thumping and your breathe becomes shallow, STOP and acknowledge to yourself that there is nothing cannot wait for a couple of moments while you collect your thoughts and catch your breath. By taking 3 long, slow deep breathes while silently repeating a statement like: :”I am practicing the art of slowing down my thoughts”will allow you to instantly gain more clarity and confidence.
  3. Get clear about how you communicate with yourself. Pay attention to your self talk and ask: “Would I speak to anyone else like this and think it was ok?”
  4. When self doubt or negativity enters your thinking, repeat this mantracancel, clear, delete”(you might like to make this a silent mantra, OR share it with colleagues)
  5. Practice listening to your ‘heart’ and observe the information you receive without judgement .
  6. Be open to possibility and be prepared to be surprised!
  7. If your thoughts feel supportive, nurturing and encouraging, give them positive attention; you can be assured this is pure inspiration of the heart.
  8. When encountering a decision, pay attention to your intuitive body responses. Your body will give you an instant internal response. Is it a yes, a no or a maybe?
  9. Identify what needs to change in your life based on the above tips.
  10. Our head works  hard to tell us why we cannot do something, while our hearts search to tell us what we must do! Connect your  head and heart and Take inspired action

“May my actions be inspired and heart centred. May I dwell in the heart!”

Practice the art of self care

Kickstart your own confidence campaign

Confidence isn’t something that comes natural to most of us. Collective unconscious societal conditioning generally has us thinking that it’s vain, egotistical and selfish to be confident and put yourself before others. Let me say right up front, there’s a very big difference between being confidently self centred (more…)

The World Confidence Bank ~ what, why, how…

Bronwyn Murray, 6 years old at the Snake Gully Ball


My mum tells a funny story about me at 6 years of age, confidently defying the nuns by telling them that the only person I would partner to the Mini Debutante Ball was my best mate Dom Allery.


And guess who that is in that photo? Yep, that’s me and Dom. As old and tatty as that photo is, it’s my photographic evidence that I was once naturally confident.


As life would have it, my confidence took a severe battering over the following 35 odd years. Not that too many people would have ever guessed it. I was pretty good at