Every time new and interesting opportunities knock on ‘Anne’s’ door she sensibly ignores them. Or so she tells herself. A woman her age shouldn’t be acting on gut instinct. She needs to demonstrate solid evidence for why she makes decisions the way she does, not some airy fairy arty farty woowoo superpower nonsense, doesn’t she? Her hard nosed decision making processes have largely worked for her this long she thinks. Until doubt creeps in and she again questions herself. Did I make the right decision? As doubt creeps in, anxiety wraps its arms around her…

For goodness sake she should be able to make decisions quickly and not stuff people around. What on earth is wrong with her? Lately she finds herself second guessing herself to the point of not getting things done. Her resentment toward others who seem to move through life without having to think of anyone else is pervasive. Exacerbated by her sense of ignoring a niggling feeling that she can’t put her finger on, her thoughts spiral. Who does she think she is? Telling her staff to stop procrastinating and get on with it when she can’t do it herself. She tells herself that truth be known, she would have preferred to live a different life. And she would have if she hadn’t of had so many other pressing priorities and responsibilities. But of course that’s been her lot in life she sighs. Ignoring her own instincts and needs and looking after everyone else first. Making sure everyone else is happy and that their needs are put first and foremost above and beyond her own. That’s been her life story. She does all she can to quell that little voice inside, still silently screaming “what about me?” “if only…”

‘Anne’ finds herself questioning her life choices more often than not. Overcome with sadness and feeling like a victim of life’s demands ‘Anne’ ponders why me??

By ignoring her gut feelings and putting herself last, saying yes when she wanted to say no, ‘Anne’ has unconsciously devalued herself. Sadly she probably thought she was doing the right thing – for everyone else that is. But at what cost? Can you imagine how different ‘Anne’s’ life would have been had she of known how to listen to her gut instincts, tune in to her intuitive intelligence and trust herself? Maybe you’ve felt like ‘Anne’?

Rather than feeling like a blindfolded passenger in her own life, had ‘Anne’ known better, she could have enjoyed the liberation of sitting in the drivers seat. By listening to her intuition and acting accordingly, she could have experienced true empowerment and taken responsibility for her life choices versus allowing fear to dictate and determine her life. Poor ‘Anne’ –  I wish she had of coming to see me sooner.

Does this resonate with you? Do you still ignore your own intuition? When we live life on ‘autopilot’ we block out our intuition.The scary thing is, it’s easy to do. Geez I used to! And it got me into all sorts of trouble. I remember getting into a car as a naive 14 year old with my gut instinct screaming at me not to do it. But I ignored it. And why? Well because I was the youngest passenger, and everyone else insisted it was a great idea that would save me having to pay a bus fare for the 4 hour trip home.But guess what happened? We were in a freak accident, whereby the vehicle left the road, rolled down an embankment and I was thrown out of the window. Out of 5 people in the vehicle, I was the only person injured. I suffered spine injuries, a broken leg and ankle, smashed elbow and gravel rash. I missed almost a whole term of school and to this day don’t know how I survived.

The worst part of it was that I allowed fear to overrule my decision. Fear of sounding like an idiot about having a gut feeling. Fear of sounding foolish around my older friends.Forty years later, that accident remains the most powerful example of me ignoring my intuitive intelligence. I do all I can to tune into it now!!!

Look, let’s face it: if fear is a familiar filter, then you will be far more inclined to act from fear than not. Awful thing is, it can be a fear of anything – things not working out, fear of people laughing at or not liking us, fear of judgment and exclusion, the list goes on. All of this fearful thinking is powerful motivation to block out your intuitive intelligence. But here’s the thing, unless it’s a fear for personal safety, do you know what most fear is? It’s this:

Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real

I speak from personal and professional experience when I say the joy of what life can be like when we open up to our intuitive intelligence, far outweighs the fear of false evidence appearing real! And the best part is it’s never to late to learn how to tune in to your intuition.

So if you have turned down the volume on your intuition and fear is riding shotgun, I want to you to take the following 3 steps and reclaim your superpower:

Step 1: Give yourself permission to listen to your intuition. How does it

communicate with you? Is it a gut feeling that’s a bit difficult to describe? Or is it a

tingling in your hands? Listen out for it, as it’s different for everyone. If you don’t

know how your super power is trying to get your attention you might miss it!

Step 2: Pay attention to your intuition and allow it to guide you to take action. And

choosing to not take action, is still of course action. It could be little things like

driving to work and getting a nudge to go in a different direction. What’s the worst

thing that could happen? Who knows you may divert an accident by going a

different way? What I do know is that the more you listen to your intuition, your self

doubt will fade as your trust increases, anxiety will decrease as you believe more i

yourself and you will put a stop to procrastination. By the way,  for more tips see my

TEDxDarwin talk The vaccination for procrastination.

Step 3: Visualise and Imagine what it would be like to flip things around. Imagine

taking the blindfold off and sitting in the driver’s seat of your life. What would that

feel like? Take some time to think about this. Imagine what life could be like if you

were able to feel liberated from how you’re feeling now. What would you do more

of? And what would you do less of? Create a movie in your mind’s eye of what it will

be like to tune into your intuitive intelligence, your superpower! Imagine taking snap

shots of this movie and storing them for future reference.

PS: If you feel like you slip back into F.E.A.R, simply cycle back to Step 1 and Rinse

and Repeat

As I said earlier, the joy of what comes when we open up to our intuitive intelligence far outweighs the fear of what if! And the best part is it’s never to late to learn how to tune in to your intuition. And remember

What do you think about this post? Did it strike a chord within you? What would change if you trusted your intuition more? Comment below and let me know what you think – one way or another